Introducing the New Collection of Sogno Segreto


We have combined the "ice and fire"!

With the support of All-Russia business Union “Delovaya Rossia”,  Galina Volkova’s  Universal Design Studio  will present the unique collection of women's shoes and the new Russian shoe brand «SOGNO SEGRETO». The presentation will take place on July 13, 2011 at 19.00.

SOGNO SEGRETO is a breakthrough of the Russian technology of comfort into fashion industry by introducing the world's first comfort and elegant heels with orthopedic nature.

Besides its apparent simplicity and delicate design the unique collection has incorporated a new design, innovative ideas and state-of-the-art  technologies. Galina Volkova has joined  efforts with best European manufacturers like  the Russian company "ORTOMODA",  renowned shoemakers from  Italy  “Gadis”  and  German manufacturer  "ALSA".

"High heels and comfort are incompatible like the "ice and fire ". Every woman feels a sense of deep relief after taking off stilettos from her "buzzing" tired legs.  Everyone wants to look stylish and elegant. Why do you need to deny yourself such a pleasure? I have decided to combine the incompatible and create a shoe that would feature the beauty and the comfort, fashion and science, prestige and health ", - Galina Volkova was quoted as saying.

Knowledge, enthusiasm, creativity and, of course, the experience both assisted in creating new technical solutions which being used in the shoe of  SOGNO SEGRETO drastically decrease pressure on the beam part of the foot and support the foot arch. Due to its proper load distribution and internal shape of shoes preferred by our clientele, consumers feel comfortable all day long.

We are happy to cooperate with the "Delovaya Rossiya", the Union that unites the Russian non-commodity business. We would like our homeland to be proud of our company, and help Russian business women who have purchased our products, feel themselves in a stylish and successful manner, be confident and comfortable.

The program includes the presentation of  Galina Volkova’s  Universal Design Studio , its story and the SOGNO SEGRETO fashion show. The presentation and the show will take place at the "Universal Design Studio “ premises on July 13th  at 19:00.